Canada Youth Works – Employers Connecting Opportunity with Young Talent

Bringing together young talent and employers operating across Canada, Canada Youth Works is a leader in the youth employment initiative. Many youth, whether they are members of the indigenous community, new immigrants, individuals with disabilities, single parents or non-high school graduates, face challenges when looking for work. In order to address this social issue, and help reduce employment problems that plague communities across Canada, Canada Youth Works seeks to connect employers and young Canadians.

A specialized online employment network that is specifically geared towards helping youth across Canada find suitable employment, Canada Youth Works provides a platform for job-seeking candidates to search through different positions, within different companies, and apply to them directly. Similarly, employers looking to hire talent can search the database, sort through different applicants, and contact promising individuals they feel may be appropriate for the role they are looking to fill. Canada Youth Works brings both of the parties, youth seeking employment and employers looking for prospective staff, in one room. The interaction within the job market takes place within the forum.

As an employer, once you post the different positions you are looking to hire for, you will be contacted by individual applicants that are interested. So how does a company get started? The process of signing up, navigating through the website, posting job advertisements, and connecting with candidates, is all simple. After going on to, employers should click on the header listed as “Employers” at the top of the homepage. A dropdown menu will appear, giving you many options; select “Post a Job” in the dropdown menu. After doing so, a page prompting you to either “Sign In” or “Sign Up” will appear. Under the “Sign Up” section, fill in the blank sections with relevant information about the company and details about the job (e.g., type, category, description, wage etc.). After filling out all of the relevant details, you will be able to preview the job advertisement by clicking “Preview” at the bottom of the screen. Once you are satisfied with the way the job advertisement appears, you are free to submit it, ensuring that it will be posted soon thereafter.

Canada Youth Works simplifies the recruitment and selection process for employers across Canada; the quick process and convenience further incentivizes employers to access the website to look for suitable young candidates they can employ. Additionally, Canada Youth Works offer job packages at competitive rates. The Intro job package ($99.00 CAD) offers one non-highlighted job posting for 90 days. The Value job package ($250.00 CAD) offers three highlighted job postings for 90 days. The Supreme job package ($375.00 CAD) offers 5 non-highlighted job postings for 90 days. After registering and posting job advertisements, employers can always sign in and manage their listings accordingly. Similarly, employers are able to contact Canada Youth works at any time for customer service inquiries.

Canada Youth Works is the way to go if employers wish to find great young talent to excel in their organization.